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Fitzgerald, Elizabeth

Speech-Language Pathologist

I am part of the special education team, supporting students' communication needs. I have been with SPS since 2019.

Deborah Gallaher

Gallaher, Deborah

Marjorie Gamble

Gamble, Marjorie

Administrative Secretary

Graduate of Roosevelt High School 1966

direct telephone number 206 252-4816


Christine Gero

Gero, Christine

Orchestra director
Katie Greve

Greve, Katie

Teacher-High School
Daniel Gross

Gross, Daniel

History Teacher
David Grosskopf

Grosskopf, David

English Language Arts Teacher

I've been teaching English at Roosevelt since 1997, only a few years after I graduated from there. English is the best subject to teach and take because it plays in psychology, morality, social critique, art, creativity and personal expression, philosophy and history, and because it demands a deeply personal engagement and humility.

Carolyn Hall

Hall, Carolyn

Teacher-High School

Personal Message

I teach 10th Grade World Literature and AP Language and Composition.

Frank Heffernan

Heffernan, Frank

Counselor-High School

Hopkins, Cody

Science Teacher

Mr. Hopkins teaches chemistry and freshman physical sciences. He also coaches on the varsity football staff during the fall and for the baseball team in the spring.

Holly Howe

Howe, Holly

Teacher -- Multilingual Learners

I enjoy teaching Language Arts and Multilingual Learning at Roosevelt High School! As many of you know, my sons attended and graduated from RHS, and the Roosevelt community holds a special place in our hearts. Things I like to do in my free time? Visit the beach. Paddle board. Snow ski. Read. Write. Listen to great music. Chill with friends and family. I look forward to connecting with y'all!


Robert Jackland

Jackland, Robert

Teacher-Special Education-XG
Emily Jackson

Jackson, Emily

Biology Teacher
Drea Jermann

Jermann, Drea

Teacher-High School

I graduated from Roosevelt, my family went to Roosevelt, and I returned to Roosevelt to be a Language Arts & Social Studies teacher in 2010. In February 2022, I transitioned to be one of RHS’s Academic Intervention Specialist. I look forward to supporting our students, teachers, families and communities as we grow together find our joy and support all students to success.

Jennifer Johnson

Johnson, Jennifer

Certified Sign Language Interpreter
Katherine Johnson

Jordan, Dennice

Special Education Assistant for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

I am Dennice, Special Education Assistant for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program at RHS, and guess what; I also graduated from RHS! It was a wonderful memory and now, I am glad to be working here. I attended SCCC and Gallaudet University. My educational experiences increased my work ethic. I am very motivated by watching students achieve their dreams and goals. My hobbies are cooking, hiking, & sharing a laugh. I consider myself organized and a great problem solver. I love helping students with their willingness to learn, and succeed.

Adam Karl

Karl, Adam

Teacher-High School
Matthew Katinas

Katinas, Matthew

Physical Education

I have been a teacher in the Seattle School District for 28 years. I have served as a substitute teacher, an elementary physical education teacher, athletic director, and for 19 of the past 21 years, a physical education/health teacher here at Roosevelt. My vision is to instill within each student the intrinsic value and enjoyment that comes from leading an active and healthy lifestyle and my mission is to enhance my students school day. This is supported by core values to know my students on an individual basis, to help make them feel valued, safe, and included as part of the R.H.S. community, and to give them the knowledge and skills to be fit for life – physically, mentally, and socially, capable to meet life’s challenges.

Richard Katz

Katz, Richard

Social Studies Teacher

People say I am very funny, open minded, generous, gregarious, love laughing, and have the energy of a 16 year old. I enjoy discovering new things about myself, others, and the world. I also love helping out whenever there is a need where I can. I have been in Seattle since 1990 and love the fact that the city nourishes talent and incubates people as they grow as I was able to until they discover their gift or path in life. Mine turned out to be a passion for teaching Geography to young people. Looking forward to my 27th year teaching with a new challenge of AP Government and AP Comparative Government.