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Student Access to Public Transit with ORCA

All unclaimed ORCA cards have been sent back to the district office. Please email to request it be mailed to RHS. ORCA’s get delivered on Tuesdays following your order. All current ORCA requests will be fulfilled on January 11th. 

A replacement fee of $5.50 will be charged to the student for a lost, stolen or damaged ORCA card for the first occurrence during the school year.

Any subsequent lost, stolen or damaged cards will require a replacement fee of $25.00.Payments can be made via SchoolPay. 
You can find more information by viewing the Seattle Public School transportation site.

Here is the link for the ASB Activity fee ONLY

ORCA Youth Fare 

ORCA cards are valid for youth fare on the following:

  • Bus: Community Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, Metro Transit, Pierce Transit, and South Transit
  • Rail: Sound Transit Link Light Rail and Sound Transit Sounder train (Rail Plus partnership Amtrack Cascades)
  • Streetcar: Seattle Streetcar
  • Ferry: King County Water Taxi and Kitsap Local Ferries and Fast Ferries
  • Access Transportation: Metro and Kitsap Transit Access Transportation (eligible riders only)

Students are responsible for paying any additional fares required for services not covered, or not fully covered by their assigned ORCA card.

A Fare Enforcement Officer/Driver/Conductor may ask to inspect your assigned ORCA card. Failure to follow the Conditions of Use, pay fares (“tap on/tap off”), or use of the pass by someone other than the assigned student, may result in the pass being surrendered and/or any applicable fines. Students should not remove their identification label affixed to the front of the card. If your student becomes ineligible the ORCA card will be deactivated to prevent further use.

Questions: ORCA Card Program Manager Office: 206-252-0947

For more on Metro routes and schedules please call Metro Rider Information at 206-553-3000 or go online to access Metro Trip Planner