Roosevelt High School

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Building Use

Roosevelt High School Building Use


  • All building use outside of regular school hours requires administrative approval.
  • The Roosevelt Building Coordinator will review each application for compliance with School Board policies and space availability.

Building Rental Procedure

(Building rented by groups outside of the Roosevelt High School community.)

  1. Review the Hourly Building Rental Rates and Building Rules & Regulations information on the Seattle School District website.
  2. Contact Roosevelt’s Building Rental Coordinator, Roy Merca, at 206-252-4812 or to check space availability and obtain preliminary approval.
  3. Fill out a Building and Grounds Use Permit Application. Applications can be obtained from the Roosevelt Main Office or from the SPS Building Rentals page.
  4. Return the completed application to the Roosevelt Main Office.
  5. The application will be reviewed by the Roosevelt Building Coordinator.
  6. Once approved, application fees must be submitted along with the approved application to the Seattle Public Schools Property Management district office. (Note: Roosevelt High School may charge fees in addition to the School District’s fee.)
  7. Once all requirements are met, the School District will send a building use permit to renters via, email, or US mail.

Roosevelt In-House Building Requests

(Requests made by Roosevelt staff or students for athletics, clubs, programs and meetings.)

  1. Request for evening or weekend use of the building for school functions must be submitted on a Roosevelt In-House Building Request form at least 10 working days prior to the requested date of use.
  2. Forms can be obtained from the Main Office. Include an e-mail address under Contact # on the form.
  3. Return completed forms to the Main Office. Include all rooms or spaces required for your event (i.e., restrooms, locker rooms, etc.).
  4. The Roosevelt Building Coordinator will review. Once approved, the permit will be forwarded to the Head Custodian for scheduling of required services.
  5. Fees may be required for custodial services, heat or air conditioning, security and/or police coverage, and for special services for use of such spaces as the Theatre.
  6. Once all requirements are met, the Main Office will forward the request to the Seattle Public Schools Property Management district office. The Roosevelt staff member or student making the request will be notified by e-mail.
  7. It is the responsibility of the person making the request for building use to make sure the space is returned to the condition prior to its use.