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Service Learning

Seattle Schools require all students to complete 60 hours of service learning in order to graduate. Students who transfer to Roosevelt from out of district need not complete all 60 hours, but must complete 15 hours for each year they are enrolled in a Seattle public high school. Students are given the freedom and responsibility to complete those 60 hours any time prior to graduation, including during summers. Incoming ninth graders may start working on service learning the day after they complete eighth grade. Only 15 hours of service learning can be earned in the Summer prior to 9th grade. NOTE: This requirement cannot be waived. Seniors need to have completed their 60 hours by the middle of May prior to graduation. We urge seniors, of course, not to wait until the last minute to take care of this! Students can check with their counselor at any time to confirm the number of hours of service learning documented, and we also mail home this information twice/year (with first semester and second semester report cards).

To document completed service learning hours, students should complete both pages of the Service Learning Agreement Form, make a copy to keep for their records, and then turn in the completed form to their school counselor. Forms are also available in the Counseling Office.

The counselors developed this Guideline to help you know what may qualify. But please feel free to ask us!

Here’s a list of some of the favorite places students have volunteered, but don’t hesitate to volunteer somewhere else…who knows? it may end up on our list! Again, if you have questions, ask the Counseling Office.

Students may count as service learning any activity for which they do not earn school credit or get paid. The form does require them to briefly reflect in writing on why they chose a certain activity and what they learned from that activity. If you or your students have any questions about the revised policy, feel free to contact your family’s school counselor.

For further information about service learning,  please visit SPS District information

SPS Service Learning Form.