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Clubs at Roosevelt

We have a wide variety of clubs, there is something for everyone and if there is not a club that catches your eye- create one! New clubs are formed every year by students who are passionate about a variety of interests.

Club Name
Meeting DayTimePlace
All as OneSonja Mitchell semitchell@seattleschools.orgTuesdaylunchRm 109
Animal RightsErika Ahlstrom
ThursdaylunchRm 127
API Culture ClubAmy Noji
Paul Reese
FridaylunchRm 235 or 239
Aquarium ClubTracey Landboe
TuesdaylunchRm 233
ASR ClubTaylor Rainwater
FridaylunchRm 109
Band Leadership TeamHannah Mowry
Monday12:05 – 12:35pmRm 152
Best BuddiesMs. Melgard
Ms. Rikki
Thursday4-6pmRm 329
Board Game ClubCynthia Coulthard
ThursdaylunchRm 333
Boys Lacrosse Taylor Rainwater
Monday 7:00pmRHS Field
Boys Ultimate FrisbeeLyndee Belina lrbelina@seattleschools.orgMonday4:30pm View Ridge Playfield
Black Student Union (BSU)Courtney Judkins
WednesdaylunchRm 110
Cat Club Reid Von Pohle
TuesdaylunchRm 325
Chess ClubMatt Dimeo
Tuesdays and ThursdayslunchRm 135
Christianity ClubKate Plesha
Tuesday lunch
Rm 227
Climbing ClubBryan Marenstein
TuesdaylunchRm 241
Crossword ClubKate Plesha
ThursdaylunchRm 227
Debate ClubKara Macdonald,
Edward Rho
Paul Reese
Tuesday and Thursdayafter schoolRm 207
DECAMichelle Carter
ThursdaylunchRm 311
Desi Heritage ClubEmily Jackson
ThursdaylunchRm 112
EnvirothonJackie Wilson
FridaylunchRm 324
FCCLA/Baking ClubMatt Dimeo
MondaylunchRm 269
Fiber Crafts ClubCynthia Coulthard
MondaylunchRm 333
Fruit ClubBryan Marenstein bmmarenstein@seattleschools.orgMondaylunchRm 241
Future Authors ClubKate Plesha
FridaylunchRm 227
F-WordReid Von Pohle
MondaylunchRm 325
(GAMA) General Aviation Manufacturing AssociationKarl Ruff
MondaylunchRm 217
Girls Who CodeJohn Walseth
TuesdaylunchRm 319
Green and Gold Exchange (RHS Student Store)Michelle Carter
VariouslunchRm 311/store
GSACarrie Richard
Carolyn Kenney Hall
ThursdaylunchRm 203
Hands for a BridgeDavid Grosskopf
FridaylunchRm 225
Heavy Metal ClubTaylor Rainwater
MondaylunchRm 205
Horticulture ClubTracey Landboe
Tuesday8:00amRm 233
Irish Music ClubEmily Jackson
FridaylunchRm 112
Iron DriversKarl Ruff
ThursdaylunchRm 217
Iron RidersKarl Ruff
Wednesday2:30-5:30pmRm 217
Jorts ClubReid Von Pohle
TuesdaySEL/lunchRm 325
JSU (Jewish Student Union)Bryan Marenstein
ThursdaylunchRm 241
Judo Club at RooseveltAmy Noji
Krista Tsutsui
Monday4:00-5:00pmYoga Room
Key ClubMichael Magidman
WednesdaylunchRm 201
K-Pop ClubTaylor Rainwater
FridaylunchRm 205 or yoga room
La Raza ClubAmos Wiedmaier
Tuesdaylunch or after schoolRm 133
Make-A-Wish ClubEdmund Trangen
MondaylunchRm 327
Mixed Ultimate FrisbeeLyndee Belina
Tuesday7:00pmRoosevelt Field
Model UNIan Malcolm
MondaylunchRm 229
National Honor SocietyPaul Reese
ThursdaylunchRm 235
Neuroscience ClubTom Knapton
MondaylunchRm 130
NSA (Native Student Alliance)David Grosskopf
Monday lunchRm 225
Orchestra CouncilChristine Gero
WednesdaylunchRm 151
Project HugsTrina Norris
ThursdaylunchRm 240
Poly ClubSaul Patu skpatu@seattleschools.orgFridaylunchRm 103
Queer VoicesCarolyn Kenney Hall
MondaylunchRm 203
Quill and Scroll Journalistic SocietyPaul Reese
TuesdaylunchRm 235
RHS Girls Ultimate FrisbeeChristy Mansfield
Mondays7:00pm Roosevelt Field
RHS Kindness CollectiveTrevor O’Neil ttmansmith@seattleschools.orgTuesdaylunchRm 120
RHS Pickleball ClubIan Malcolm
Roosevelt Consent Culture TeamKara Macdonald
ThursdaylunchRm 207
Roosevelt Culinary ClubMatthew DiMeo
Wednesday11:05-12:10pmRm 239
Roosevelt Dance ClubTaylor Rainwater
WednesdaylunchYoga Room
Roosevelt EsportsJames Brock
WednesdaylunchRm 332
Roosevelt Girls LacrosseRyan Sherlock
Monday(Spring sports) TBDRHS Field
Roosevelt HOSA Cynthia Coulthard
FridaylunchRm 333
Roosevelt Investment ClubRyan McGinn
TuesdaylunchRm 340
Roosevelt Outdoors Club Bryan Marenstein
TuesdaylunchRm 241
Roosevelt Suicide Prevention TeamKara Macdonald
Trina Norris
TuesdaylunchRm 240
Roosevelt ThespiansKatie Greve
Wednesday (once a month)lunch and after schoolRm 154
Roosevelt Water Polo ClubSunshine Feldman
Monday7:00pmHelene Madison Pool
SportsBoostersTaylor Rainwater
WednesdaylunchRm 109
Students for Climate ActionJean Lutgen
TuesdaylunchRm 349
The Not-Loser clubBen Stuart
ThursdaySEL/LunchRm 154
The Paranormal SocietyReid Von Pohle
MondaylunchRm 201
Sharing ExcessJackie Wilson
ThursdaylunchRm 324
Trader Joes ClubBryan Marenstein
FridaylunchRm 241
Treehouse For Kids ClubBrenda Tomtan
ThursdaylunchRm 347
TSA ClubKarl Ruff
FridaylunchRm 217
UNICEF ClubDavid Grosskopf
WednesdaylunchRm 225
Unified Sports ClubRikki Toenyan-Brennan
FridaylunchRm 329
UThriftKatherine Johnson ksjohnson@seattleschools.orgTuesdaylunch Rm 318
Women in STEM ClubJudson Miller
TuesdayLunchRm 335
Womanism ClubMichael Magidman
ThursdaylunchRm 201
Women’s Health ClubWendy Arness
MondaylunchRm 271
Yearbook ClubAmy Noji
TuesdaylunchRm 239
Young Men’s Volleyball ClubErin Bailey
Saturday (starting in April)7:00pmGym