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Parent, Teacher, and Student Association (PTSA)

Roosevelt PTSA

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The PTSA does what?

  • run the Packs for Teens program that provides needed food and resources to any RHS student and family who needs it;
  • provide mini-grants to teachers and staff to supplement their curriculum and to enhance student learning;
  • organize staff appreciation events;
  • support certain school events such as curriculum night;
  • provide information and educational resources for families;
  • act as fiscal agent for class funds; and
  • provide regular legislative and policy updates and advocacy efforts.

Membership dues is our only fundraiser so become part of the PTSA today. It’s the easiest and best way to support our kids because we are Stronger Together

PTSA Contacts

2022-23 Board

Natalya Yudkovsky

Vice President


Jennifer Mahlum

Melissa Cox

co-VP of Race and Equity

Sarah Swanberg

Jennifer Wu

Advocacy Chair
Jill Geary

VP of Class Funds
Lauren Abraham

Jillian O’Connor

Volunteer Coordinator

Alison Wobbrock

Membership Chair


Staff Appreciation Chair

Shelley Prosise

Mini-Grants Chair

Jen Boulware

RHS Pantry co-Chairs

Sonja Tarrago

Gail Joseph

Instructional Council Representative

Bonnie Rochman

Building Leadership Team Representative

Maggie Sweeney

Special Education Advocacy and Resources

Tracy Brown

Maura Dunn

Athletic Boosters Liaison

Kendall Burwell

Past President

Kathy Gerke