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    Hello RHS athletic community. We are happy to be able to host summer workouts for our incoming and returning Roughrider athletes! It’s important to note that summer practices are offered on a voluntary basis. They are not mandatory and have no influence on a player’s status or ability to make a RHS team.

    All summer practices and workouts are offered based on coach availability. Any RHS teams can provide practice and workout opportunities for their athletes but must be run by a certified coach; paperwork must be on file with SPS Athletic Office. If your team is not offing a practice or workouts this summer, it is due to a certified coach not being available to supervise the activity. Thank you and Go Riders!

    Fighting On Since 1922

    Welcome to Roosevelt Athletics!

    The benefit and value of athletic participation in high school is well documented as an integral part of the adolescent developmental process. The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) further indicates that athletic participation correlates with greater success in academics and success beyond high school (NIAAA, 2013). However, today’s society often places too great of value on winning (a win at all cost mentality that can stifle an athlete’s physical, mental, and social development). Because of this, there is a need to strike a balance in athletic competition to maintain a productive and healthy experience for all.

    Roosevelt Athletics is committed to being a model program were all athletes are empowered to compete to the best of their ability with the utmost integrity in athletics, academics, and in life.

    We will strive to do this by practicing and living the following Rider PRIDE core values:

    Rider PRIDE

    Passion: always competing, a “want to do” attitude instead of “having to do”

    Respect: of self, teammates, opponents, officials, and the game

    Integrity: participating with honesty to the written and unwritten rules

    Determination: commitment, discipline, and sacrifice to finish

    Excellence: pursuing ones athletic, academic, and personal best


    Sportsmanship is an integral aspect of competition at any level. Of course, being a good sport comes easier when the outcome goes our way. Therefore, the true mark of sportsmanship is when the outcome doesn’t go our way. This can be even more challenging when the opponent seems to have no regard to being good sports themselves. So, how do we respond?

    Roosevelt athletes, students, parents, and fans can support sportsmanship and healthy competition by following the Game Day Expectations listed below:

    • Show respect to the opponent as they are involved in the same game day experience

    • Be role models of appropriate behavior, poise, and confidence (be in control of your emotions, avoid derogatory comments)

    • Accept judgments of the officials and coaches (it’s not easy, but criticism rarely helps and often worsens the situation)

    • Accept the results of each game; do not make excuses

    • Encourage athletes to keep their perspective in both victory and defeat

    • Dignify mistakes made by athletes; they are giving their best effort and concentration

    • Cheer LOUD and PROUD for our team to FIGHT ON!

    School Fight Song

    Fight on for Roosevelt High School, hurl back the foe, bring home the glory of a victory! Fight on for Roosevelt High School on field and floor, we're backing you team so top that score!

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