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Course Registration

Online Registration Instructions

RHS Online Registration Instructions for Current SPS 8th Graders Only

  1. Complete your course selections and have your information ready prior to starting.
  2. Log in to your student Source account.
  3. Enter your core requests then your primary and alternate elective requests.
  4. Submit your requests online by April 29, 2022.

Steps to take prior to logging in

  1. Read about courses in the RHS Course Description Book, making sure you have completed any prerequisites for advanced or upper-level courses.
  2. Talk with your parents or guardians.
  3. For Math, talk with your current Math teacher.
  4. Use the Course Option Worksheet as your guide.

Log in to your Source account

  1. Log in to your student Source account (this won’t work with a parent/guardian’s account.)
  2. Click Class Registration (left-hand menu) to view the course registration home screen for you for next year.
screenshot of the source. refer to text instructions on page

Registration home page

  • This page is divided into rows of course categories.
  • Required categories have red exclamation marks.
  • Click on the (tiny) pencil icon on the right side of the row to view the list of individual courses for that category.
screenshot of the source. refer to text instructions on page

Enter your course requests by category

  • Click on the pencil icon and you will see the list of available courses for that category.
  • Scroll to the bottom of each list; there may be more than one page of courses available.
  • To select a course, click anywhere in that row; it will turn blue when selected.
  • If you change your mind, simply uncheck the row and begin again.
  • When finished, click “okay” at the bottom right of the screen to submit your course request(s).
screenshot of the source. refer to text instructions on page
screenshot of the source. refer to text instructions on page

Select courses for each category

  • When you click “okay” to submit your course request for a category, you will be returned to your registration home page.
  • The course you selected will now appear in that category’s row and the red exclamation mark (for required categories only) will have turned green.
screenshot of the source. refer to text instructions on page
  • Continue doing the same for all the core categories (Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Health, and World Language).

Next up: Primary Electives

  • First, determine how many electives you’ll need to fill your schedule. 
    • Remember that LA, Math, Science, Social Studies and World Language courses are year-long. 
    • If you take all 5, you will only have one period available for your primary electives and will need to submit 1 year-long or 2 semester requests.
    • If you take only 4 core classes (now World Language), be sure to submit 2 yr-long or 4 semester primary elective requests to fill your schedule.
  • Follow the same steps for selecting Primary electives as you did for your core classes.  Note:  Year-long and semester Primary electives are divided into separate categories on the Registration home page.

Alternate Electives

  • You must select 4 semester or 2 year-long ALTERNATE electives.
  • Why?  The courses that you requested as your Primary electives might be full or might not fit your schedule.
  • NOTE:  If you do not provide alternate electives and there is a hole in your schedule, your Counselor will select a course for you at his/her discretion.  (You really don’t want that to happen!)
  • Do not select a course as an alternate that you have already requested as a primary elective!  (It will not help you get that course and will cause an error, messing up your schedule!)

Things to remember!

  • Always click “okay” at the bottom right corner of the category screens to save/submit your request(s).
  • Can I rank my Alternate choices?  Unfortunately, the software doesn’t allow you to tell us what priority to use for your Alternate Electives.
  • Got an error message?  Double check what you’ve selected to make sure you’ve got the correct number of courses.  Too many or not enough will give you an error.

Ready to finalize your course requests?

  • Have you selected all your core, Primary and Alternate electives?
  • Click “submit” on the bottom right corner of your registration home page.
  • We’ll take all the requests and create the student schedules.
  • You’ll get your schedule right before school starts in Sept.

Need Help?

  • If you have questions about courses or what to take, review the registration materials, guidelines, and the Course Description Book.
  • Have a question that is not covered in the materials?  Email your next year Roosevelt Counselor.
  • If you have a question about how to register through the Source or have trouble logging in, please see your SPS middle school Registrar.
  • Missed the Registration deadline?  Use the Course Option Worksheet to indicate your requests and submit it to Roosevelt.