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Due to COVID restrictions, we will only be offering virtual college visits this year. They will start at the end of September and will be shared through the daily bulletin as well as on the Naviance college visits page. To see the full calendar of visits and to register, log into your Student Portal to get to your Naviance homepage. 

  1. From the home page, select Clever
  2. All Colleges visits can be accessed through students’ Naviance page. Login through the Student Portal and select Naviance.
  3. From your Naviance student homepage, select Colleges on the top ribbon and Visits on the dropdown menu. All colleges that are scheduled will be listed and you can select them individually to register. AFter you’re registered for a particular school’s visit, you will have access to their visit link the day before or the morning of the visit.

See screenshots below:

screen shot of Naviance. the steps are explained above.

College Events & Information

Updated as of 10/24/22