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    You only have four years of High School Sports, protect your eligibility!

    ​Their are many factors that determine your eligibility.  It is the responsibility of each athlete to know the eligibility requirements for participating in sports at Roosevelt as a member school of the WIAA.

    Athletes who break the rules/requirements KNOWINGLY OR NOT place their ENTIRE TEAM in jeopardy of possible forfeiture of games and/or championships. Don't let this happen to you and your teammates. Know the rules and follow them.

    Check with your coach or the Athletic Director if you have any questions about your eligibility.

    Below are two of the main reasons student athletes loose eligibility.


    Students who attended Roosevelt during the semester prior to their sports season will have grades in the system. All students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average in a minimum of 5 out of their 6 classes to participate.

    Students entering Roosevelt High School from private schools or public schools outside the Seattle School District must also provide a copy of the last semester report card.

    Students attending private school who will participate in Seattle School District Sports because their school does not field a sports team must provide a copy of the last semester report card AND complete a Student Information form. If this form is not included in your packet, you may obtain it from the Main Office.

    Transfer Students

    Students changing enrollment to/from one school district to another school district or from one high school to another within a multiple high school district like Seattle, are considered transferring students.  In order to be eligible for varsity competition, transferring students must meet requirements through the WIAA. More information on eligibility and transfer rule 18.11.0.

    Remember, it really is your responsibility!  Make sure you:

    *meet transfer rules if you are a transfer student (please see Athletic Director)
    *complete ALL athletic paperwork including having an up to date physical
    *pay fees and fines
    *maintain a 2.0 GPA in 5 of your 6 classes the ENTIRE time you are competing
    *attend ALL classes on game days
    *sit out of practice or games if ineligible or on suspension

    Get eligible, stay eligible, and FIGHT ON for Roosevelt High School!