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    Welcome to Roosevelt High School!

    Enrollment must be done through our central Seattle School District. Once you have been notified that you will be attending Roosevelt, you may submit your course selections using the forms below. 

    Once you have selected your classes, please either turn in the course selection worksheet to the Registrar by mail, email, or fax it to:

    Dana Miller
    Roosevelt High School
    1410 NE 66th St.
    Seattle, WA  98115
    Fax: 206-252-4962

    The Registrar does not return to work until August 13. Schedules will be distributed the day before school starts, September 4th. Requests for changes to schedules will be handled by the counselors.

    If you are an upperclassman, you should schedule a meeting with your counselor prior to submitting your class request. Please contact the Counseling Office at 206-252-4827 on or after August 20 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to bring a transcript from the last school you attended!

    The following documents will be useful to you:

    Course Descriptions 2018-2019

    RHS Graduation Requirements for Class of 2021+ (incoming 9th graders)

    RHS Graduation Requirements for Classes of 2018-2020

    Incoming Freshmen (Class of 2022)

    Incoming Sophomores (Class of 2021)

    Incoming Juniors (Class of 2020)

    Incoming Seniors (Class of 2019)