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    FAFSA Starts October 1st 

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    Hey seniors and senior families – it is  FAFSA time!  This is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the first step in getting financial aid for college.  October 1 is the first day applications can be submitted, and you want to make sure you have filed by any deadlines your colleges or any scholarships you are going for list as their FAFSA deadline.  Fortunately, there will be several workshops around Seattle that provide help for you and your family in completing the FAFSA.  Many are on the North End, so should be convenient for RHS students and families.


      •Thursday, October 12                     Ingraham High School                    FAFSA/WASFA Support                                                                 4:00-6:00pm
    • Saturday, October 14th                   Northgate Public Library                FAFSA/WASFA Support                                                                 2:00-5:00pm
    • Sunday, October 15th                      Northgate Public Library                FAFSA/WASFA Support                                                                 2:00-5:00pm
    • Thursday, October 26th                   Cleveland High School                    College Application and FAFSA/WASFA Support                4:00-6:00pm
    • Thursday, November 2nd               Garfield High School                       College Application Support                                                        4:00-7:00pm
    • Tuesday, November 7th                  Chief Sealth High School                College Application and FAFSA/WASFA Support                4:00-6:00pm
    • Monday, November 13th               Franklin High School                       College Application Support                                                        3:30-5:30pm
    • Saturday, November 18th              Northgate Public Library                FAFSA/WASFA Support                                                                 2:00-5:00pm

    College Information

    •  College Visits start the week of September 18th. Over 100 colleges will be visiting Roosevelt this fall. An updated list is posted below every week. Or click this link! It is also included in the Parent eNews. Students need to let their teacher know if they will be attending a college visit. The Attendance Office will also be advised of which students participated.
    •  Needing a recommendation from your counselor?  Please complete the Brag Sheet and return to the Counseling Office. A link to the form is also listed below.

    World Language Credit Testing Schedule

    If you are an 11th or 12th grade proficient in an other than English language, you might be able to earn 1 - 4 world language credits. For more information, please review this flyer.


    Location: Room 105
    Secretary: Mrs. Mary O'Connor - 206-252-4827 |

    Out of District Records Requests and Colleges Requesting Visits to RHS should be directed
    to Mrs. O'Connor or Faxed to the number below.

    Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    Counseling Fax: 206-252-4962

    Transcripts for current students or former students who did not graduate from Roosevelt should also be requested through the Counseling Office.
    Transcripts for RHS graduates must be processed through the Main Office. Their phone number is 206-252-4810, FAX number is 206-252-4811

    Overview of Counseling Office

    The Roosevelt High School Counselors work with students to help them develop strategies for success in academics, in social skills, and in considering their post-high school plans and career options. Counselors challenge students to become aware of their individual strengths, to develop methods for dealing with difficulties, to set goals, to make good choices, and to consider consequences.

    Students are assigned to counselors by the first letter of their last name. Counselors meet with their students to explain the credit system, help students select courses, monitor progress toward achieving graduation requirements, explore interests, and make plans for college application and career options. Counselors also help students deal with social and emotional issues.

    RHS CEEB Code: 481-140
    Counselor Responsibilities and Duties

     Ms. Carrie Richard | 206-252-4835 |
    Seniors: A - E
    All others: A - De

    Mr. Ron Stuart | 206-252-4836 |
    Seniors: F - K
    All others:  Di - Kim

     Ms. Brenda Espinoza-Gonzalez | 206-252-4825 |
    Seniors:  L - Q
    All others:  Kin - Pap

     Mr. Frank Heffernan | 206-252-4836 |
    Seniors: R - W
    All others: Par - Te
    Ms. Kari Heinz  206-252-5778   
    Seniors:  X - Z
    All others:  Tf - Z

    Academic Intervention Specialists:

    Mr. John Lynch | 206-252-4906|


    To make an appointment with your counselor, go to the Counseling Center office. Please request a pass from the Office Assistants.

    Counseling Office Services

    Counseling Forms

    College & Apprenticeship Information

    Scholarship Information

    Summer Opportunities

    Testing Resources

    Seattle Clear Sky - Support for American Indian Students

    Other Resources