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    What are they? 


    PSAT is a practice SAT and a National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test that is offered one time each fall in high school, mainly for the high school Juniors as a practice for FREE and qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship competition (Only Juniors are eligible for the Merit Scholarship). 


    Stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. This is one of the college entrance exams accepted by majority colleges and universities. This test includes lots of "critical thinking based" with vocabulary, math, and writing. The test is offered every year and that you are able to take it more than once. We recommend Juniors to take their first SAT in Spring and then another in the fall of Senior year if needed (You are able to take as many as you want till you are satisfied with your score). 


    Stands for American College Test. This is also a college entrance exam accepted widely by colleges and universities. The ACT is a "content-based" that includes Reading, Science, Trigonometry, and Grammar. The exam is also offered every year. Again, just like the SAT, We recommend Juniors to take their ACT in Spring and Fall in your Senior year if needed. (You are able to take as many as you want till you are satisfied with your score). 

    Why is this important?

    These tests are required for Senior students who are interested in applying to a 4-year university and must be done/sent to the university before December 31st of Senior year. 

    Where can I register for the test? 

     Test dates and registration are available online. Please click the link for the SAT at College Board and for the ACT at ACT Student

    Free Test Practice?

    No Worries! Please click the links below and start practicing both the SAT and ACT! 

    March 2 Success 

    Khan Academy 


    For more information about SAT/ACT, please visit the Career Center.