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    Attendance Specialist: Ms. Maya McKenzie
    Location: Room 168 (next to the Commons)
    Phone: 206-252-4814
    Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. (closed for lunch 12:00-12:30)

    Pre-Planned Absence Form

    Important Things to Remember:

    1. Parents/Guardians: please call or e-mail at least 2 hours ahead of time to ensure that your student gets a dismissal pass on time, released, and excused for the day. When you call, make sure to include: full name of student, reason of absence/tardy.


    3. Students: check in at the attendance office and drop off any excuse passes you receive from the nurse, counselors, etc. so that you get excused on the same day.

    Please allow 48 hrs for attendance changes to occur on the students' records.
    This includes, but is not limited to: excused absences due to sports, field trips, and events that happen inside the school. Also, due to the very high volume of phone calls and e-mails we receive, we will reply as deemed necessary. We cannot respond to every email and voicemail. If all the necessary information is provided, please understand that it will be entered. 

    To help ensure that your student's attendance is accurate, please make sure to provide the date and/or periods relevant and reason of absence/tardiness. If no reason is provided, we cannot excuse your student. Thank you!

    Attendance Policy

    Students are expected to be in school and in class daily. A student is considered absent if they enter class after 10 minutes have elapsed. Punctual attendance is the first requirement for success – both here and in the “real” world. A large part of learning takes place during class discussions and participation. Many of our teachers use instructional methods that require student participation; if students are absent, they miss out on that learning.
    The depth of coverage of material in our courses requires active student engagement and participation. The failure to attend class prevents active student engagement. Consequently attendance is a necessary component of our classes and will be considered as a basis for grading in all courses.

    Attendance Procedures

    It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your attendance. You may look on THE SOURCE or get a print-out from the Attendance Office.

    Update Your Contact Information

    Only contacts in our system under the student’s name are allowed to pick him/her up, and call in absences and early release, so make sure that your contacts list is updated. Let the school registrar know if changes need to be made.

    Excusing Absences

    Parents must excuse absences via e-mail, phone, or a note within 72 hours (3 days). Please include a valid reason when excusing absences. You CANNOT wait until the end of the semester to excuse all of your absences. After 3 days, the absences will NOT be excused.

    If a student receives an automated call or e-mail for period(s) they were not absent in, the student needs to talk to the teacher. The parent cannot excuse the absence. The teacher will then let the Attendance Office know to make the change. Please check The Source after 3 days of talking to the teacher to make sure that the change has occurred.

    If a student comes from another classroom with a note, show the note to the teacher and then bring the note to the Attendance Office. This ensures that your absences will be excused. Teachers can only mark “Absent” or “Late” in the computer system once. Changes can only be made by the Attendance Office.

    If you will be gone 3 or more consecutive days on a pre-planned event, make sure you fill out a Pre-Planned Absence Form and have teachers sign. You need to do this at least 3 days in advance.

    Examples of Excused Absences:

    • Participation in a school-approved activity (field trip), (auth in-bldg), (auth out-bldg)
      • Field Trip Form
    • Request made by parent/guardian such as illness, health conditions, family emergencies, religious purposes, vacations or educational opportunities
    • Disciplinary actions or suspensions

    Examples of Unexcused Absences:

    • Absences not authorized or excused from the above reasons
    • Alarm did not go off
    • Woke up late/overslept
    • Traffic
    • Work (employers cannot require students to work during school hours)
    • Missing the metro bus
    • Consistent car troubles / cannot find parking
    • Family issues/emergencies that are not explained and/or confirmed by a parent/guardian
    • Babysitting/driving siblings to school
    • Leaving school without parents notifying the Attendance Office ahead of time
    • Personal reasons/issues that are not explained and/or confirmed by a parent/guardian


    • Students arriving late to school or class for any reason not described as an excused absence will be counted as unexcused tardy.
    • Arrival to class late by more than 10 minutes will be considered an absence.

    Early Release:

    • Parents need to call, e-mail, or have the student drop off a parent note at least 2hrs in advance noting the time and reason for the student needing to be released (i.e.: doctor appointments). This gives our office enough time to send the student an Early Dismissal slip so he/she can leave on time.
    • The student will not be released without prior permission from parent/guardian via phone call, e-mail, or a note
    • When you return, please check back at the Attendance Office and show the Early Dismissal slip.

    Early Dismissal for Athletes

    Athletes are required to be in each of their classes on game days and to have each teacher sign their “Game Day Attendance” sheet to provide to their coaches. If your student athlete will miss any portion of class on a game day due to a medical appointment or another excusable reason, the Attendance Office must be notified THE DAY BEFORE. Emails/note/calls received the same day will result in your student’s ineligibility for athletics that day. 

    Note: Forging signatures violates our school’s integrity policy. Students caught forging signatures will be referred to an administrator, parents and counselors will be contacted via phone and e-mail, and the incident will be recorded in the student’s file.


    A conference invite letter is mailed monthly to parents/guardians of students who have at least 3 unexcused absences or 5 medically excused absences (without a doctor's note on file) in a 30 day period.