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October Calendar

Berklee College of Music10/610:00 AM
Kenyon College10/612:00 PM
Stony Brook University10/61:00 PM
Boston University10/6 2:00 PM
Barnard College10/1011:00 AM
Clark University10/10 12:00 PM
California Lutheran University10/10 1:00 PM
Gallaudet University10/10 2:00 PM
Scripps College10/1111:00 AM
Colorado College10/1212:00 PM
Whitman College10/121:00 PM
Middlebury College10/122:00 PM
Tulane University of Louisiana10/1610:00 AM
University of Portland10/1612:00 PM
Seattle University10/16 1:00 PM
Pitzer College10/16 2:00 PM
Union College (NY)10/1711:00 AM
University of Puget Sound10/1712:00 PM
University of Chicago10/171:00 PM
Haverford College10/172:00 PM
Southern Methodist University10/1811:00 AM
Pomona College10/1911:00 AM
University of Washington-Bothell Campus10/1912:00 PM
Pacific University10/191:00 PM
Washington University in St Louis10/192:00 PM
Davidson College10/2010:00 AM
University of Rochester10/2012:00 PM
Case Western Reserve University10/201:00 PM
University of Toronto10/202:00 PM
St. John’s College10/2310:00 AM
University of San Francisco10/2312:00 PM
Vassar College10/231:00 PM
Texas State University10/232:00 PM
Muhlenberg College10/2411:00 AM
The University of British Columbia10/2412:00 PM
The Oberlin Conservatory of Music10/241:00 PM
Drexel University10/242:00 PM
University of Oregon10/2511:00 AM
Boston College10/2611:00 AM
Butler University10/2612:00 PM
University of San Francisco10/261:00 PM
Worcester Polytechnic Institute10/262:00 PM
Seattle Central College10/2710:00 AM
University of Washington-Tacoma Campus10/2712:00 PM
University of San Diego10/271:00 PM
University of the Pacific10/272:00 PM
University of California-Santa Cruz10/3010:00 AM
The Juilliard School10/3012:00 PM
Washington State University10/301:00 PM
Landmark College10/3111:00 AM
University College Dublin10/3112:00 PM

November Calendar

Central Washington University11/111:00 AM
The George Washington University11/211:00 AM
University of Victoria11/212:00 PM
Elon University11/31:00 PM
Delaware State University11/32:00 PM
Lawrence University11/712:00 PM
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities11/811:00 AM
The New School11/92:00 PM
San Jose State University11/1310:00 AM
Franklin and Marshall College11/1312:00 PM
Northern Arizona University11/131:00 PM
Temple University11/1412:00 PM
University of Massachusetts-Amherst11/211:00 PM

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Contact: Edward Rho
Career-Connected Learning Coordinator
p: 206-252-4972