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    About IC

    Instructional Council (IC) is a representative group of department chairs, administrators, parents and students at the building level that meet every two weeks to address issues promoting student learning. The IC provides leadership and direction to the school's instructional program including evaluating new course proposals, classroom policies, current best practices, etc.

    Department chair and administrator positions on the IC rotate dependent on position and contractual agreements. Parent rep positions rotate every two years.

    Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 2:30 in Room 249 at Roosevelt High School during the school year. Meeting dates may be adjusted to accommodate school holidays and vacation periods. IC meetings are open to the public. Membership is not required to attend and participate in meetings. Everyone is invited.

    Agenda items may be submitted by anyone to the IC Chair via email or a note in his/her school mailbox by noon on the Friday before the meeting. The BLT chair, Principal and IC Chairperson formulate the agenda based on the items submitted. The curriculum issues are placed on the IC agenda and all others go on the BLT agenda. Some issues are discussed by both groups.

    Students, staff, parents and community members are encouraged to attend meetings and join the BLT. Please contact the IC Chairperson if you have any questions about attending meetings or joining the IC.

    Instructional Council (IC) Roster

    Principal, Kristina Rodgers, 252-4810,

    Activity Coordinator, Melissa, Boswell, 252-4861,

    Bilingual, Marilyn Sizer, 252-4989,

    Business, Liz MacLennan, 252-4850,

    Counseling, Wendy Krakauer, 252-4836,

    Family and Consumer Science, Joanne Ryles, 252-4841,

    Language Arts - IC Chairperson, Tom Nolet, 252-4882,

    Library, Pat Pawelak Kort, 252-4953,>

    Math, Royce Christensen, 252-4929,>

    Performing Arts, Anna Edwards, 252-4948,

    PE/Health, JoEllen Hathaway, 252-4840,

    Science, Jon Bonnelle, 252-4877,

    Social Studies, Cora Mackoff, 252-4889,

    Social Studies, Karen Grace, 252-4922,

    Special Ed, Charles Barnes, 252-4858,

    Visual Arts, Cecilia Otto, 252-4885,

    World Languages, Lynn Kodama, 252-4857,

    Parent Rep. No. 1, Wendy Truitt,

    Parent Rep. No. 2, Mia Doces,

    ASR Student Body President,