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    Roosevelt 2019-20 Online Course Registration
    April 5th – May 3rd

    IMPORTANT – If you are a current SPS student you can register online. Read all the instructions from your registration packet as well as on the screens when you do your actual online registration. Have your Course Option worksheet complete before you begin. Online registration will close on Friday, May 3rd. If you are not a current SPS student, you will not be able to register online but will have to fill out and turn in your Course Option Worksheet to Roosevelt.

    1. Log onto the Source: (For Source Login assistance, please see the Librarian.)
    2. Click on “Class Registration” on the left side.
      click Class Registration after logging in to The Source

    3. This will bring you to your registration home page. This page is divided into rows of course categories. Click on the “pencil” to view the list of individual course options for that category. Required categories have red exclamation marks.
      click the pencil

    4. Scroll to the bottom of each list; be careful, there may be more than one page of courses available. To select a course, click anywhere in the row – it will turn blue once its selected. (If you change your mind or make a mistake, simply click it again to unselect it.)
      check to see if there are multiple pages

    5. When you have made your selection(s), click “okay” at the bottom right of the page.
    6. Once you have clicked “okay” you will return to your home page and each course you selected will appear in the appropriate category row and the red exclamation mark will turn green.
      checkmark should appear next to pencil

    7. Continue through each of the required categories and the primary electives categories as well. Please note that there are separate categories for year-long and semester electives as well as alternate electives.
    8. Once you have selected all your courses, click “submit” on the bottom right of your registration home page. You will either see a list of your successful course requests (we recommend students take a picture or print out this screen as a record) OR you’ll see a Submission Failed Error Message. Reasons for Error Message include:
      • Did not choose a required course (red exclamation point)
      • Chose too many in one category (e.g. two selections for Math)
      • You grade level has a minimum and maximum credit requirement, and you chose too few or too many classes.
    9. To edit your requests after you have submitted, click on “Class Registration” again (step 2) and follow the same instructions. ALWAYS CLICK SUBMIT on the bottom right of the page to save your changes.

    Additional Notes

    • Each student must provide us with alternate electives. Alternates are selected in separate categories.
    • Regarding alternates for core classes – LA Options and the first year of a World Language require alternates. These cannot be entered online. You need to list your alternate(s) for these courses on your Course Option worksheet and turn that into Roosevelt as soon as possible.
    • Some 11th and 12th grade AP Social Studies courses require a contract – this is found on the back of your Course Option worksheet – and must be turned into Roosevelt as soon as possible. If no contract is received, then you will be placed in the regular (non-AP) Social Studies course.
    • You will not be able to select your courses via smart phone or tablet; you must use a laptop or computer.
    • Online registration will close on Friday, May 3rd at 4:00 p.m.