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    PTSA Announcements

    PTSA Meeting March 4

    The Roosevelt PTSA will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, March 4 in the Roosevelt Library. The meetings are open to the public. Come join us!

    Statement from the RHS PTSA

    You may have recently read the KUOW article about equity in PTSA funding schools. The article has many inaccuracies about what the Roosevelt PTSA funds, and the amount of revenue we raise. We have responded to KUOW, and hope we can clear up the misconceptions and create a dialogue with them.

    Roosevelt PTSA is interested in joining the discussion around equity in the Seattle PTSA organizations. we are planning a PTSA board meeting in February to be centered around this issue. We hope parents will come and participate in the discussion. 

    Become a PTSA Member!

    The time to join the Roosevelt High School PTSA is now! The PTSA raises money to support many programs to help our students. It also provides staff appreciation and is part of a regional and state wide PTSA organization.

    Sign Up Online today!

    Sign Up for the Weekly School Newsletter

    E-News Sign up! Stay up to date on what's happening at RHS - Sign up to receive the weekly eNews from Roosevelt PTSA. TIP: You might want to use a home email, as some corporate email servers may block bulk emails.

    2018-19 PTSA Meetings - Open to Public

    PTSA monthly meetings are open to everyone. The RHS PTSA Board meets at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of each mthe RHS library. The library is located directly across from the school office.

    Next Meeting: 7 p.m. Monday, March 4, 2019 Roosevelt Library

    2018-19 Board:

    President Laura Wolf
    Vice President Elida Moran emoran08 (@) gmail. (dot) com
    Treasurer Rachel McCracken rachel.rebecca.mccracken (@) gmail (dot) com
    VP of Class Funds Monica Mace Mcgreevy.mace (@) gmail (dot) com
    VP of Communications Jacqui Kramer jacqui (@) writersbloc (dot) net
    Secretary Sonja Tarrago sbtarrago (@) gmail (dot) com


    We have many different ways in which you can volunteer. Contact Seema Abbasi at to learn more about opportunities.

    It takes a large group of volunteers to help keep these important programs running smoothly throughout the year. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.

    We look forward to working in partnership with you in supporting our students and our community!

    PTSA Does What?

    To support kids in our school, we Advocate, Collaborate, Communicate and Educate:

    COMMUNICATE: We share important and timely information through our website and electronic newsletter.

    EDUCATE: Our regular meetings are designed to help you find out more about what’s going on in our school. Principal Kristina Rodgers attends every meeting, our student leaders keep us up to date on their activities and we invite speakers to share more information with us about topics of interest to all of us.

    COLLABORATE: We provide direct support to teachers and other staff through our highly successful mini-grant program; support class-year fundraising to offset senior year costs, provide volunteers for the RHS’s annual fund drive), and much more.

    ADVOCATE: We are members of the largest and oldest child advocacy organization in the country: the PTA; we advocate in the school, as well as at the district, state and national level to support all kids.

    Here's what you can do right now:

    Roosevelt PTSA needs you! The PTSA is your link to Roosevelt and the school district and we need your help to keep it thriving.

    Please contact Laura Wolf at if you are interested in a position or learning more about how you can help! OR if you have any questions, concerns, issues or information that you wish to share with the RHS community.

    PTSA Standing Rules

    On October 16th, 2012, the RHS PTSA membership approved the current RHS PTSA Standing Rules.

    The RHS PTSA supports the following RHS activities throughout the year:

    • Fundraising for programs, equipment, and support staff
    • Providing teacher grants and staff appreciation
    • Sponsoring enrichment programs and activities
    • Providing parenting classes for the community
    • Coordinating and serving as volunteers
    • Publishing parent newsletter and email bulletins
    • Influencing legislation on behalf of children
    • Making the school a better place to learn

    PACKS for TEENS:

    Packs for Teens is a new program that provides Roosevelt students in need of evening and weekend food support with a backpack filled with easy-to-prepare food. If receiving a bag of food weekly would help your family please stop by the Roosevelt Teen Health center and ask for Samara. There are no requirements necessary to pick up a pack. Extra packs are available for your siblings as well toiletries.

    You can help support the Packs for Teens program by donating shelf stable foods or by dropping off a financial contribution in Roosevelt's main office. Please make checks payable to Roosevelt HS PTSA and note "Packs for Teens donation." For more information contact Erin Bailey at  or 206-252-5778. Thank you for your support.