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    Important Senior Dates: 

    1. SENIORS who need materials, including school issued laptops thru June 10th, can check them in on June 11th. Please contact Asst. Principal Roy Merca with any questions:

    2. Graduation, Thursday, June 18th:

    • RHS Graduation Ceremony Date: June 18th from 8:30 pm - 9:45 pm.
    • Where: Broadcast on Cable Channel 26 and YouTube (specific directions/link and information coming).

    Graduation Details:

    What we need from you: Submit a personal graduation slide NO LATER than June 1 at 10 a.m. to be included in the virtual graduation.

    Directions for the slide:

    1. Download the RHS Grad Template PowerPoint slide on the Powerpoint Slide Download.

    2. Save it to your files.

    3. Replace all information with your personal information. This includes:

      1. A portrait photo (see photo options below)

      2. Your full name

      3. A bit about yourself. Use the prompts provided or come up with your own. This is intended to make each slide unique and personal. Keep it simple, have fun, and keep it school appropriate!

    4. IMPORTANT: Save the final version of your slide as a JPEG and title it Roosevelt_YourLastName_YourFirstName. THE DISTRICT WILL NOT ACCEPT SLIDES NAMED INCORRECTLY.

    5. Upload your completed slide here:

    Photo Options:

    • Professional Cap & Gown Photo: Rowland Photo Studio will be at Roosevelt High School on May 28th from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm taking photos of graduates in their caps and gowns - sitting for these photos is optional and free of charge but you have to option to purchase this photo to use on your slide.

      • Sign up for a time slot using this link: Rowlands Grad Photo Sign-Up. Try to sign up close to the time you are picking up your cap and gown. This will ensure we are abiding by proper social distancing protocol.

      • If you cannot attend on the 28th, Rowland Studio is available by appointment on the 29th & 30th. Call them at 206-522-7171 for more details.

      • If you want to use this photo but do not wish to purchase it, we will add it to your slide and submit it for you. Upload your slide (minus the photo) here: Graduation Slide Upload without Photo.

    • Personal Photos: Use your own “portrait” headshot or photograph from the waist up.

      • Make sure that clothing, etc. is appropriate. Any photograph with imagery or behavior that doesn’t align with the values of our school or the district will be removed by the school administration.

    If you have any technical issues uploading your photo or have questions regarding the graduation, please contact Kristi Barnes at