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    Summer Reading List 2021
    Posted on 06/17/2021
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    Summer Reading Assignment, 2021

    Dear Roosevelt students and families,

    Welcome and hello from Roosevelt High School! We are excited for your arrival and return and for this next year. This summer, you will be making important transitions from a long pandemic year and a half. We would like that transition to include choosing, reading, and sharing your experience with a book.

    Why? This pandemic year has been dominated by screens, and so much social activity has migrated to phones. But what you get on Snapchat is different than what you get walking beside a friend. And what you get slinging short videos is different than what you get sitting and turning the pages of a book. While there’s pleasure, connection, and use in those screens and strong, sincere harnessing of activism, we also know those screens are relentless—endlessly self-multiplying in possibility, algorithmically curated for clicks, full of pressures to look, act, and think a certain way—and screens don’t let up. We teachers have seen students increasingly isolated, anxious, and depressed. We want to help students slow down and help spirits open up, and we turn to the nearly thousand-year old technology of bound books to do that.

    Books provide a sustained focus of thought and imagination that is a source of pleasure, empathy and critical thought. And in a community of readers, they also stimulate conversation, purpose, and reflection.

    This year, we ask you to lean on (and learn about) one or two of the communities and resources you have available to you: The Seattle Public Library and the staff at Roosevelt High School. Your job is to choose a book or five that you’ll enjoy and/or will be meaningful to you, using one or both of these resources:

    Resource possibility #1: Seattle Public Library. Every Roosevelt student can (and should!) have an SPL card! Apply here. If you don’t have a permanent address, use this: Roosevelt High School 1410 NE 66th St, Seattle, WA 98115. Once you have the card and its many benefits, try out Your Next 5 Books: provide information online, and a librarian turns it into a short list of winning recommendations!

    Resource possibility #2: Roosevelt High School recommends. Roosevelt is a community of readers. In June 2021, RHS staff built this list of recommendations for you and for your parents too. Imagine all of us reading and sharing books together!

    We hope that you will borrow or buy an actual book made of glue and pages to hold in your fingers, and that you have a harder time multitasking. Parents, that goes for you, too. Settle in.

    There’s no assignment here. But come to school prepared to discuss the book or books you read over the summer and how you chose them. Slow yourself down, and read.


    David Grosskopf,

    on behalf of Roosevelt’s English Language Arts department.