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    RHS Athletic Spectators
    Posted on 05/05/2021

    rhs Spectators Update


    Message from RHS Athletic Department and Admin

    Based on specific COVID safety violations from last Friday night’s games. The athletic department and admin wanted to take the time to address how important it is that we all follow the COVID safety guidelines to ensure that we can continue to have fans at games. The following COVID guidelines must be followed to ensure the safety of our players, coaches and communities. Only two guests per student athlete, if you are not on the list you do not enter the gym. All fans are subject to COVID screening and attestation. Masks must be worn at all times, no outside food or drink is permitted. Fans must leave immediately after the game, no lingering. At the of the first game the fans associated with the game need to exit before we can allow the 2nd game fans to enter the gym. There also needs to be a 20 min period between games for any cleaning or sanitation that needs to occur. These COVID guidelines are nonnegotiable and are for the safety of everyone involved. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter


    Spectators Guidelines:

    • Only Home Team fans are allowed at games.
    • Each individual athlete on the roster will be allotted a maximum of two guests.
    • The Head Coach will turn in the student athlete Guest List to the AD the day before competition.
    • Guests will check in with site workers at the designated stadium or building entrance.
    • Attestation Stations will be placed at the designated stadium or building entrance.
    • Guests will not be allowed re-entry into the building once they leave.
    • Masks and Social Distancing will be required.

    Following Metro League policy, games this week:
     04/26/21 – 05/01/21 Roosevelt student athletes will be allowed two guests for indoor and outdoor HOME sporting events.
    Mr. Sherlock or an assistant coach will have the guest list at the gym entrance.

    • Guests cannot be swapped out the day of the event.
    • The regular main gym doors will be the only entrance for RHS Indoor events.
    • All participants will exit the South end gym doors.

    Go RIDERS!