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    PowerSchool Outages Delay 1st Semester Grades
    Posted on 02/12/2020

    As a result of the multi-day outage of PowerSchools just after 1st semester finals, the expected release of report cards has been delayed. The impact of this outage and subsequent delay of final grades for 1st semester has also resulted in delays for our Counseling Office to send mid year transcripts to colleges.

    Many families of Seniors have contacted the Counseling staff and administrators regarding this situation as they fear that colleges will adversely act on their students' applications.

    The School District has released a notice to all Washington State colleges and universities as well as to Naviance advising them of the district wide technology difficulties. They have requested that colleges consider this as they process applications.

    At Roosevelt's request, the District has provided us with a PDF document that families may choose to send to out of state colleges. We hope that this PDF document will help you as you continue your communications with your colleges.

    SPS Transcript Delay Letterpdf