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    Roosevelt High School Profile


    • Roosevelt is a comprehensive urban high school with a student body somewhat reflective of Seattle’s diversity. Our enrollment is determined primarily by address, instead of city wide enrollment.
    • We are accredited by the NASC and hold memberships in NACAC, PNACAC, and the Washington Council for High School-College Relations. Roosevelt enjoys a reputation for excellence in academics and the performing arts.
    • The students in the drama and music programs travel extensively and have earned national recognition. The outstanding music program includes a Jazz Ensemble, which has participated in Lincoln Center’s Essentially Ellington Jazz Band Competition multiple times. Roosevelt High School has won the competition four times since the event began accepting contestants west of the Mississippi in 1999 and our Jazz Band has made the finals every year except 2003 and 2014. Roosevelt’s Symphony, Sinfonia, and Chamber Ensemble all won 1st place at the Northwest Orchestra Festival in Gresham Oregon.
    • Our French, Japanese, Latin and Spanish programs enjoy national distinction. Roosevelt is closely partnered with many departments at the University of Washington. Speakers, events and seminars with this institution enrich both our students and staff.
    • A unique program at Roosevelt is “Hands for a Bridge”, which deals with cultures in conflict through dialogue and the arts. This program provides the opportunity for students and staff to travel to Northern Ireland and to South Africa, as well as bring students and staff from those countries to Roosevelt.
    • Roosevelt News, our school newspaper, was recognized by the WSU Edward R. Murrow Department of Journalism as one of the top three printed edition high school student newspapers for 2014. In addition, four RHS journalists (3 students in the class of 2014 and one student in the class of 2015) were named Quill and Scroll National Winners in the Quill and Scroll’s 2014 International Writing and Photo Contest.
    • Nine students in the class of 2019 are National Merit Commended Scholars. 4 students in the class of 2019 have been selected as a National Merit Semifinalists.
    • Roosevelt boasts a strong athletic program. The Boys’ Golf Team won the State Championship in 2016, and Boys Soccer won a State Championship in 2017 and finished 2nd in state in 2018.

    RHS Composite

    • Total: 1946
    • Grade 12: 442
    • Grade 11: 462
    • Grade 10: 536
    • Grade 9: 506
    • Federal Meal Subsidy: 214 (12%)
    • ELD: 23 (0.9%)
    • Special Education: 164 (7.6%)
    • Graduation Rate: 93%

    Student Ethnicity

    • African American/Black: 73 (3.8%)
    • American Indian/Alaska Native: 3 (.2%)
    • Asian: 205 (10.5%)
    • Hispanic: 142 (7.2%)
    • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 2 (.05%)
    • Caucasian: 1361 (69%)
    • Multiracial: 160 (8.7%)

    Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2019

    21 Credits:

    • 1.0 credit fine arts
    • .5 credit health
    • 4.0 credits LA (LA 9, LA 10, 11th and 12th grade students take AP Lang. & Comp or College in the High School one year, then 1.0 credit of LA Options the other year)
    • 3.0 credits math through algebra 2
    • 1.5 credits occupational
    • 1.5 credits PE
    • 2.0 credits science
    • 3.5 credits social studies
    • 4.0 elective credits

    Students must additionally have passed Washington State History. Students in the class of 2019 must meet state standards on the Smarter Balanced assessments in English Language Arts and Math. Students must also complete 60 hours of service learning.

    Honors Classes (“H” on transcript)

    • Language Arts: Honors option available in regular LA classes gr. 10 as well as in LAoptions offered in gr. 11 or gr. 12 (whichever year they do not take AP LA or CIHS). Students choose Honors contract to earn “H” on transcript; there are no separate LA Honors classes.
    • Mathematics: geometryH, algebra 2H, precalculusH , biotech H

    AP Classes (AP on transcript)

    • Calculus (AB and BC)
    • Statistics
    • Human Geography for all sophomores
    • Language and Composition—(all students must take AP LA or CIHS LA in 11th or 12th grade)
    • U.S. History
    • American Government
    • Comparative Government
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Spanish Lit
    • Latin, Japanese
    • AP Computer Science
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Physics (C)
    • AP Studio Art (Photography)

    Running Start (RS on transcript)

    Juniors and seniors who pass a community college placement test may take classes at local community colleges for concurrent high school and college credit.

    Grades and Class Rank Policy

    The current 11 point grading scale, which has been in effect since September 2010:

    • A: 93-100%
    • A-: 90-92%
    • B+: 87-89%
    • B: 83-86%
    • B-: 80-82%
    • C+: 77-79%
    • C: 73-76%
    • C-:70-72%
    • D+: 67-69%
    • D: 60-66%
    • E: below 60%

    The GPA is unweighted.

    As a school, we expect students to be competitive with themselves, not with each other, and therefore as of Fall 2018, we do not rank students.

    RHS Testing Information

    SAT scores (2018)

    SAT mean for Roosevelt students:

    • Critical Reading 612
    • Math 614

    ACT scores (2018)

    Averages for Roosevelt students:

    • English 26.8
    • Math 25
    • Reading 26.8
    • Science 25
    • Composite 26

    College Admissions for the Class of 2018

    Of the 423 seniors in last year’s graduating class, 392 graduated by the end of the summer. Of the 31 not graduating, 2 were exchange students and 11 were Special Education students continuing their high school studies. Of the 392 graduates, 87.5% (343) are continuing their post-secondary education. 74% (290) indicated they would be attending a four- year college, while 13.5% (53) will be attending a two-year college.

    Recent RHS graduates matriculated with a variety of colleges and universities including University of Washington, Western Washington University, Washington State University, Cal Poly, Scripps, Brown, Columbia, Princeton, Dartmouth, Stanford, Smith, Bard, Michigan, Pomona, NYU, Georgetown, Claremont McKenna, USC, Cal Berkeley, Fordham, Brandeis, Macalester, Chapman, Colgate, Bowdoin, Occidental, Whitman, Santa Clara, Northeastern, and many others.