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    February 2009 Accreditation

    During the 2008-2009 school year, Roosevelt, together with most Seattle Public high schools, was accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. The accreditation process involved a lengthy self-study process to measure our school against NAAS standards covering these areas:

    • Mission, beliefs, and expectations for student learning
    • Curriculum
    • Instruction
    • Assessment
    • Leadership and organization
    • School services
    • Facilities and Finance
    • Culture of Continual Improvement

    Following completion of the self-study, a team composed of community members and academic colleagues from Seattle and other areas. This team conducted a site visit at the school in February 2009 to gather additional input from observing and interacting with staff and students on site. The team then reported to the school administration on perceived areas of strength and areas for improvement. Plans to address those areas of improvement will be folded into the school’s Continuous Improvement Plan.

    The accreditation process is planned for a six-year cycle. It was last done at Roosevelt in 2002, and anticipated again in 2015.

    Questions about Roosevelt’s accreditation process should be directed to our principal, Mrs. Rodgers, at