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    Senior Spree All Night Graduation Party Information


    What is Senior Spree?

    FUN and SAFE!

    Following Roosevelt’s graduation on June 20, 2017, your student has the opportunity to join his/her fellow graduates at an all-night, substance-free party sponsored by the class of 2017 and chaperoned by RHS parents. Security is provided by Grad Nights, the company with whom we have contracted to put together this fun event. This Roosevelt tradition was established to offer a safe environment for classmates to gather after their graduation ceremony.

    When does spree begin and end?

    The Spree buses will pick up the student at the Seattle Center EMP turn around at 10:00pm on June 20, 2017. The buses will deliver the graduates back to the RHS parking lot at approximately 6AM on June 21st.


    Thanks to fundraising done by the class of 2017 the cost to each student who purchases their ticket by May 6 (new extended date) has been reduced to $90. The Spree ticket price increases to $130 if purchased after May 6th . Please note: There are scholarships available (See the counseling office for more information)


    Students are taken to two secret locations during the event where they will enjoy music, dancing, entertainment, soft drinks, games, midnight dinner and an early morning breakfast. Locations are kept a secret to insure that the kids not attending the party do not show up and cause trouble. The secrecy is critical to ensure the safety of the graduates that do attend.

    What should your student bring?

    Mandatory: Student or other photo ID card and a signed waiver (both sides) if not already turned in (students without a completed waiver will not be allow to board the bus). Recommended: comfortable clothing, purses are not recommended and will be searched.

    What is prohibited at Spree?

    Cell phones, pagers, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, backpacks and or/gym bags and water bottles are prohibited at Spree. Expensive electronic devises that might be lost are highly discouraged. If cell phones are brought they will be collected when boarding the bus and returned back at RHS.

    How can my child purchase tickets?

    Have them bring to school the completed and signed Senior Class Graduation Agreement (both sides), and a check for $90 payable to RHS Class of 2017 on one of the ticket sales date in March or April (held in the commons during both lunches). March 23, 24, 29, 30, 31st, April 5, 6, and 7th

    Please note: This will also be when the students select their bus for Spree