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Welcome to Roosevelt High School!!!
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Roosevelt Athletics

This is the main place for information about athletics programs at Roosevelt HS.

Teams & Seasons

Roosevelt offers a variety of sports in the fall, winter and spring. View the Roosevelt High School Athletic Calendar for detailed RHS sports and activity information for all RHS athletic teams.

Some RHS sports teams also maintain their own team websites.  Please note:  when you select a specific sport site below, you will be moving to a link that is NOT managed by Roosevelt High School or the Seattle Public School District. Access to this link has be granted as a courtesy to the members of the specific sport and the content information is the sole responsiblity of the web master of each sport's page. 

Fall Sports
Boys' Cross Country Girls' Cross Country
Football Girls Soccer
Co-Ed Golf Girls' Swimming
Boys' Water Polo Girls' Volleyball

Winter Sports
Boys' Basketball
Girls' Basketball
Boys' Swimming Gymnastics

Spring Sports
Baseball Softball
Boys' Soccer Co-Ed Tennis
Boys' Track Girls' Track
Boys' Lacrosse (club sport) Girls' Water Polo (club sport)
Girl's Lacrosse (club sport)



To be eligible practice or play in a sport at RHS, you must turn in athletic paperwork each year to the Main Office.

Register for a Sport
  • Read all sections of the forms.
  • Be sure both parents/guardians and athletes sign them, where appropriate.
  • Students who turn in paperwork after the due dates are not guaranteed that they will be able to turn out for the first day of practice.
  • Athletic paperwork does not carry over from one school year to another. New paperwork must be completed for each new school year.
  • Turn your paperwork into the Main Office. Do not turn your paperwork in to the coaches!
  • Only physicals are good for two years.

A complete set of forms must be completed by each athlete every year. Return these forms to the Main Office by the paperwork due date for your sport. Make sure you read all sections of the forms and have the appropriate signatures on each form.

You may complete your sports paperwork to cover all three sports seasons, eliminating the need to complete forms except for new emergency information forms and the required Sports Risk/Injury Consent Form for each individual sport and season. 

Students must submit a complete athletic packet including all required forms with the appropriate signatures and payment for fees, fines and activity cards before athletes will be allowed to practice or play.

* The Registration and Physical Form provided by the District can now be completed online, printed, signed and submitted with the other required forms. At this time, forms cannot be submitted online. Please return forms to the Main Office.

** An Emergency Information Form must be submitted for each sport in which the athlete participates.

*** Parents and students must sign section three of the Registration and Physical Form that they have reviewed the Student Handbook and will abide by the rules within.

Sport Risk/Injury Consent Forms

Each individual/cluster of sports now requires a separate "Sport Risk/Injury Consent" (Consent) form to be reviewed, signed and returned with an original signature by parents and student athlete. The form needs to be returned with the student registration and must bear an original signature of the parent/guardian. For example, if the athlete participates in Cross Country, Basketball and Soccer, a consent form for each sport is required. All of the Sports Risk/Injury Consent forms are available below.

Each athlete needs to review and complete the Athletic Concussion Information Form. It must be signed by the student athlete and parents.

Physical Forms that were submitted during the 2013-14 school year will still be valid until the physical expires.

Click on the sport in the list below to download the consent form for that sport.


Important Dates

Dates for the first day of practice and due dates of paperwork for the 2014-15 school year are listed below. Students who turn in registration forms after the due dates are not guaranteed that they will be able to turn out for the first day of practice.

Fall Sports

Paperwork Due Date

Football August 13, 2014
All other fall sports August 20, 2014

First Day of Practice

Football August 20, 2014
All other fall sports August 25, 2014

Winter Sports

Paperwork Due Date

Gymnastics November 3, 2014
All other winter sports November 10, 2014

First Day of Practice

Gymnastics November 10, 2014
All other winter sports November 17, 2014

Spring Sports

Paperwork Due Date

All spring sports February 23, 2015

First Day of Practice

All spring sports March 2, 2015



It is the responsibility of each athlete to know the eligibility requirements for participating in sports at Roosevelt. Those athletes who break the rules/requirements KNOWINGLY OR NOT place their ENTIRE TEAM in jeopardy of possible forfeiture of games or championships. Don't let this happen to you and your teammates. Know the rules and follow them. Check with your coach or the Athletic Director if you have any questions about your eligibility. Maintaining a 2.0 GPA the ENTIRE time you are competing, attendance in ALL classes on game days, completion of ALL athletic paperwork, and not participating in practice or games if on suspension are examples of rules that need to be followed by all student athletes to maintain their eligibility for athletics.


Fees, Cards, Fines

Athletic Participation Fees and fines are required to be paid before practices begin. In addition, athletes must purchase an Activity Card before practices begin.

All fines and fees must be paid when the athletic packet is turned in. They can be paid at the Fiscal Office, Rm. 164 or Main Office. 

Fiscal Office Hours
School Year Hours -- Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays before school and during both lunches.

Main Office Hours
Monday - Friday - 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Please note: Our office staff does not deal with questions related to transfer or other eligibility related matters. If you have a question regarding student eligibility, please contact Mike Scott, Athletic Director, at Please note that during summer months, Mr. Scott is not in the building and is unavailable for meetings until the start of the fall season. He will respond by email to your questions as his schedule allows during the summer.


Fee Schedule

On June 20, 2007, the Seattle School Board approved the Athletic Participation Fee Policy due to the rising costs associated with the support of the district's athletic programs and declining resources. Fees will be collected on a per sport basis with the fee structure listed below. All collected fees will go directly into the Roosevelt High School ASB accounts, and will be used to pay for athletic program expenses.

Fee Structure Effective for the 2014-15 School Year
Fee for participation in one sport $100.00
Fee for participation in a second sport $ 50.00
Capped at $150 per academic year $150.00
Free and Reduced Lunch Students Fees*
Fee for participation in one sport $25.00
Fee for participation in second sport $12.50
Capped at $37.50 per academic year $37.50
Private School Students  
Students who attend a private school without a program and reside in the Roosevelt service
area are allowed to play on a Roosevelt team.  There is a $100 user fee in addition to the normal pay to play
fees. Private school students do not purchase ASB cards.  
All collected fees will remain in a newly created ASB budget at the building where the fees were collected and earmarked to support the athletic transportation and ASB staff support.
ASB Activity Cards are Required for Athletic Participation
ASB Card with yearbook $90.00
ASB Card without yearbook $50.00

* Please note: Participation Fee Waiver forms are also available in the Main Office. This form MUST be completed and turned in to receive approval for fee reduction. Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch are eligible for reduced ASB card only purchases.  These students must contact the counseling office and complete the necessary forms for a reduced ASB card cost of $25.00 

Total Athletic Fees With or Without a Yearbook
Activity Card Only Athletic Participation Fee Total Athletic Fees
$50.00 $100.00 (1st Sport) / $50.00 (2nd Sport) $150.00 / $200.00
Activity Card AND Yearbook Athletic Participation Fee (Good only to 9/30/15)
Total Athletic Fees
$90.00 $100.00 (1st Sport) / $50.00 (2nd Sport) $190.00 / $240.00

Collected Athletic fees (ASB and Athletic Participation Fees) DO NOT

  • Guarantee a position or level on any given team.
  • Ensure equal playing time.

Roosevelt High School will collect fees and fines from athletes before they are declared eligible for participation. If you have not paid your fees and fines and want to play a fall sport, see Mike Scott, RHS Athletic Director. Athletes who do not pay their fines and fees will be declared ineligible until their fees/fines are paid.



Students who attended Roosevelt during the semester prior to their sports season will have grades in the system. All students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to participate.

Students entering Roosevelt High School from private schools or public schools outside the Seattle School District must also provide a copy of the last semester report card.

Students attending private school who will participate in Seattle School District Sports because their school does not field a sports team must provide a copy of the last semester report card and complete a Student Information form. If this form is not included in your packet, you may obtain it from the Main Office.



A physical is required for participation. Athletic physicals are available in the Teen Health Center during the regular school year with parent/guardian permission. The completed physical form must have the appropriate examiner, student and parent/guardian signatures when it is turned in.

Athletic physicals are good for 24 months. An athlete will be ineligible if the physical date expires in mid-season. It is the athlete's responsibility to make sure to turn in a new physical before the current physical expiration date.

Middle school athletic physicals being used by incoming freshman must not expire before the end of the sports season in which they will be participating. If you wish to use a middle school physical, please bring a copy of that physical to the main office when you are registering for a sport. 



Insurance must be in effect according to SECTION II: MANDATORY ATHLETIC INSURANCE. If you use your private insurer, you need to give the name of the company providing coverage and a policy or employee number. Seattle School District Athletic Insurance is available. Forms are available in the Main Office. It is your responsibility to be sure your insurance coverage is current.


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