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    To be eligible to participate, practice, or play on a sport team at RHS, you must turn in all athletic paperwork each year to the Main Office.

    Registering for a Sport

    • Read and fill out all sections of the forms.
    • Be sure both parents/guardians and athletes sign them, where appropriate.
    • Have a current physical covering the duration of your participation (good for two years). To see about scheduling an appointment at the RHS Teen Health Center please click Teen Health Center Physical Information
    • Have insurance on file.
    • Submit payment for activity cards and/or fees if applicable.
    • Pay any outstanding fines.

    Students who turn in paperwork after the due dates (for a list of due dates for each sports season please see the Important Dates section below) are not guaranteed that they will be able to turn out for the first day of practice.

    Remember, athletic paperwork does not carry over from one school year to another. New paperwork must be completed for each new school year.

    Turn your paperwork into the Main Office. Do not turn your paperwork in to the coaches!

    Submitted paperwork can cover all three sports seasons, however, emergency contact information forms and the required Sports Risk/Injury Consent Form (please see below) for each individual sport are still required.

    * The Registration and Physical Form provided by the District can now be completed online, printed, signed and submitted with the other required forms. At this time, forms cannot be submitted online. Please return forms to the Main Office.

    ** An Emergency Information Form must be submitted for each sport in which the athlete participates.

    *** Parents and students must sign section three of the Registration and Physical Form that they have reviewed the Student Handbook and will abide by the rules within.

    Sport Risk/Injury Consent Forms

    Each individual sport requires a separate "Sport Risk/Injury Consent" (Consent) form to be reviewed, signed and returned with an original signature by parents and student athlete. The form needs to be returned with the student registration and must bear an original signature of the parent/guardian.

    If the athlete participates in Cross Country, Basketball and Soccer, a consent form for each sport is required. All of the Sports Risk/Injury Consent forms are available below.

    Go to the District's Athletics page and then click on the sport in the list to download the consent form for that sport.


    Insurance must be in effect according to SECTION II: MANDATORY ATHLETIC INSURANCE. If you use your private insurer, you need to give the name of the company providing coverage and a policy or employee number. Seattle School District Athletic Insurance is available. Forms are available in the Main Office. It is your responsibility to be sure your insurance coverage is current.