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    Needing to Register for Classes for Next Year?
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    Back to SchoolAfter you are enrolled at Roosevelt High School through the Seattle School District,  a mailing will be sent to you with instructions on how to register for classes. 

    In brief, after you receive the materials in the mail, you need to select classes, register for classes, and submit your course selection worksheet.

    Please reference the instructions you received in the mailing or the Course Description Book on our website as you select your student's courses.
    Copies of all materials are available at Resources and Services>Counseling>New Students for 2018-2019.

    Once you have registered, please mail, email, or FAX it to:
     Dana Miller
     Roosevelt High School
     1410 NE 66th St.
    Seattle, WA  98115
    FAX:  206-252-4962